Deep Cleansing
Purify and hydrate your skin to the maximum with the exfoliating, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant power of the natural extracts of strawberry and a delicate application of steam and ozone.
60 min $925.00

Cleans, calms, and controls the outbreaks with the active ingredient of the grapefruit, and also provides deep cleansing. The equipment used helps to reduce the blemishes and scars of previous outbreaks.
60 mins $925.00

A facial which helps reduce blemishes while hydrating your skin, and reduces the fine expression lines and imperfections of age with this delicate treatment based on citrus fruits, which will help to regenerate your facial cells and unify your skin tone
60 min $925.00

Boho Man
Especially for the needs of male skin and to correct the irritation caused by shaving. The essential actives of the vetiver and the delicate steam and ozone treatment reduce inflammation, hydrating and cleansing the skin, and softening body hair, thereby avoiding obstruction of the pores.
60 min $925.00

Allows the natural rejuvenation of the skin, deep cleansing of the pores, and the correction of superficial blemishes and lines of expression. The treatment is complemented with the natural actives of the cucumber, which revitalize the skin, providing vitamin E for your face.
60 min $925.00

Anti-age with facial radiofrequency
An exclusive experience that will totally renew your skin! A complete treatment of 90 minutes that corrects wrinkles and lines of expression with a delicate plastic mask, while the antioxidant power of the blackberries stimulates the natural production of collagen and elastin. We finish with a facial lifting with radiofrequency, leaving your skin hydrated and rejuvenated.
90 min $1,200.00

Facial Lifting Session
You can add this session to any facial performed. It involves 20 minutes of radiofrequency in the facial area and the cleavage to recover the elastin, improve hydration and reduce lines of expression
20 min $300.00

* All prices are in Mexican Pesos

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