Reductive Pack with Cavitation
Reduce centimeters from the first session with advanced equipment employed in the area you find more difficult to reduce. You choose the area that you need to work on.
10 sessions $7,500.00

Perfect Body Package
Is there an area of ​​the body that you still cannot reduce? Get the figure you've always wanted with this reductive and anti-cellulite treatment that combines both manual massages and the use of specialized equipment. Reduce measurements, shape the body and reaffirm the skin from the first session. You choose the area to perfect.
12 sessions $8,400.00

Reductive Package With Radiofrequency
Molds the body and reduces the appearance of cellulitis from the first session. As you reduce measurements, your skin becomes softer. You choose the area to perfect.
10 sessions $7,500.00

Detox Massage
Purify yourself with this massage and its sedative effect that works on the lymphatic system, responsible for eliminating toxins. You will help your body to eliminate what is not needed.
60 mins $900.00

* All prices are in Mexican Pesos

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